The BitGold International Marketing Program is designed for partners who want to build large gold asset with little investment. This program is also known as Gold Accumulation Plan (GAP).

We reward you for inviting partners to the company inform of gold credit bonus which you can use to buy gold or gold products from our webshop. Participating in the Gold Accumulation program can earn you a luxury life. You can find marketing materials that will help you succeed in your marketing which can be found at the advertising section in your back office. We wish you success!

How The Gold Accumulation Program Works

You must be invited by a partner in the program and register with the partners Code on the company website.

Select a Plan and make payment online

Invite your own Partners.

To be successful in the Gold Accumulation Plan (GAP) each partners must invite 2 partners to join their team.

You can earn bonus and commission on items purchase by non members on the webshop, bonus on completion of the board and passive leadership bonus.